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ANDREW AT THE CROSSROADS: A witnessing Christian Novel

by Alan Yusko

This is a e-novel about Andrew who works at the narrow gate which is located in plain view of all who are walking down the broad road to destruction. As Andrew serves the Lord of the harvest he will meet many interesting people. Some are interested in the Gospel and others are not. Some people choose to leave the broad road to hell trusting in the finished work accomplished by the Lord Jesus on the cross. Others want no part of God and His salvation. Instead they choose to stay on the broad road to hell. Many interesting personalities are presented as Andrew stands at the crossroads.

At the crossroads we will meet all kinds of people and talk with them and encourage them to leave the broad road. Andrew has many adventures working for His Lord at the crossroads and warning people of a real and eternal hell to be avoided. To begin reading online just click below:


Service Part 1

Service Part 2

Helpers at the Crossroads

Service Part 3

Service Part 4

Service Part 5

Service Part 6


Artwork by Edmund Prior



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