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Pre-Trib Rapture Related:

What is the Rapture?.. Why I believe the Pre-tribulation Rapture.. Has the pre-trib rapture been proven wrong?
 2 Thess doe not disprove the rapture
The Imminent Comming of Jesus..
The Rapture - anyday
Will the Holy Spirit be removed at the Rapture?
The Holy Spirit will never be removed from the earth
The Restrainer...Restrains!
The devil is currently being restrained - until the rapture
Day or Night Rapture
Biblical Evidence for a 7-Year Tribulation
The feasts of Israel and the Rapture
They do not apply to the Church
Dispensational charts
Good pre-tribulation dispensational charts
The Rapture Solution
An online book defending the pre-trib rapture
Seven Reasons the Rapture cannot come after the tribulation
Pre-Tribulation Perspective Articles Information on the Last trumpet
Is the trumpet in Corinthians the same as the last trump in Revelation?

General Rapture Related

For Those who have Missed the Rapture and Have Been Left Behind! The Great Battle For The Rapture God's People Looking Forward to the Rapture. Rapture will occur on a Routine Day
Date setters need to repent!
A sin that brings reproach to the Lord
Don't Lose Your Blessed Hope! How Many do you Think are Saved and will go up in the Rapture? The Sound of the Rapture
The Rapture Impact How Many are Watching for the Rapture in These Last Days?

Anti Pre-trib rapture attacks

People who are Prophetically Confused
Rapture rejectors do not understand God's plan for Israel
Margaret MacDonald Who? The pre-trib rapture orgininator?
This false argument's only purpose is to attack the pre-trib rapture
Morgan Edwards: Another Pre-Darby Rapturist
This is just a deceptions used by unlearned who attack the rapture
Dave MacPherson's the Rapture plot:weighed and found wanting
Tons of false deceptive arguments
Points to think about for those anti-rapture folks
Some think one's prophetic stand is a part of salvation. Do they know what  salvation is?
They are really dispensationalists but just don't know it!

Moral impurity in these last days

Fornication and Sexual Disease in the Last Days
Fornicators beware!
Another STD for the immoral!
Another disease for the immoral!
Problems associated with AIDS
A deadly plague that cannot be ignored

Signs of the return of the Lord Jesus

Timeline of Prophetic Events
See many events in the prophetic timetable
Matthew 24 and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ Late Hour
Signs of apostasy and falling away are all around us
Dangerous Last Days Trends
Very close to the return of the Lord Jesus
The Hour is Late!
End time prophecy is being fulfilled
What Should we do in this Late Hour? Signs of Judgment
As the world descends into spiritual darkness
The Lord Jesus is coming back soon!
There is not much time left
Hope in the Lord in these last days! Wait on the Lord in These Last Days What Should we do in this Late Hour? Will Faith be Found?
When the Lord Jesus returns
Scalar Warfare
Info on technology found by Nikola Tesla
Coming Flu/Disease Dangers - Prayer Required!
The World as of August 2005
Overview of some prophetic events

The coming antichrist system

Midst of the Week
Antichrist actions in the coming days
Beheading - The choice of the Antichrist The Spirit of the Antichrist is active today
The Devil's Kingdom is coming
But after the rapture...
The Antichrist's Kingdom is coming - PSALM 2 How can people Accept the Antichrist? Police State Dry Run
A freedomless police state is coming
The Religion of Satan
It is getting popular these days
Getting Ready for the Big Lie/Deception
UFO's and demonic deceptions
The coming False Super Church Under the Antichrist
Implementation time is soon!
The Da Vinci deception preparing for the antichrist

The coming Mark of the Beast

The Mark of the beast and the anti-Christ. Before the Mark of the Beast is Given
No one will be tricked into accepting the mark of the beast. They will willingly worship the devil
RFID and the Coming Mark of the Beast
Could RFID be used in the mark of the beast technology?
Are You Concerned About the Mark of the Beast - Now?
Training/conditioning is happening now!
The Mark of the Beast and Homeland Security More Talk - Implanted Chips and People

The judgment of God

Tribulation Death Counts
Some calculations as to the possible number of deaths in relation to all the judgments upon the earth during the tribulation period
Earth Disaster - Dec 2004 Getting Closer to the Seal Judgments A Polar Shift is Coming
Judgment is Coming (Oct 2002) Today vs Terrible, Terrible, Terrible Days Ahead!
The world is heading toward its darkest days
Racing Toward Judgment Shadow of the Sixth Seal - June 2004
Man More Precious than Gold
Mankind will be scarce after the tribulation judgments
Where is the USA?
Why is the USA not mentioned in Bible prophecy
The great last days separation between the wheat and the tares
Tares are getting very easy to spot!
The judgments of the book of Revelation.
A look at the Seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments of the book of Revelation.
Is Judgment coming to America?
Yes because of sin and rejection of the Lord
SARS - A Biological Attack Against the World
Another plague in the world
God Judges Nations... and it is Starting Now! Judgment is Still Coming!
Potential Hammers of Judgment upon North America
When God chooses to judge North America He can choose many ways!
2004 Was a Bad Year For Earthquakes An Unstable Earth Core
Strange happenings in the earth's core
Canada is Still Mocking God and Seeking Divine Judgment
No fear or respect for God by Canadians
God's Wrath is Being Displayed Right Now! Heed the Warnings: God Gives them for a Reason!
The world is being hit with one disaster after another!
Dead Sea Life Mystery
Life in the sea has been dying mysteriously.

Last days apostasy

Falling Away in the Last Days
People do not care as they fall away from God
The Great Last Days Separation
Between wheat and tares
There is a Famine in the Land!
Sadly, a famine for the Word of God!
A Flood of Moral Filth is Unleashed on the Earth
Sound Doctrine Rejected in These Last Days Vexed in Spirit
In a lost and dying Christ rejecting world
Tares and Wheat! Everyone is Showing Their True Colors! Birth of a Tare
The life of a tare from beginning to maturity
Five Years - will you fall away?
Many people have fallen away from the Lord. Do you know any?
The Sad Testimony of Mr. Wimpy
Do you stand up for the Lord?
Yoking with the Lost
A religious man who got in lots of trouble for yolking himself with pagans in a worship service.
Purpose Driven Heresy and Catholicism
Goal build a big ecumenical church and get power, pride, and big donations!
Tattoos - Carving and Marking Your Flesh for Satan Disobedient Woman Pastors
Apostasy in the last days as women become pastors against the will and Word of God
Apostasy in Christian Bookstores!
These rebels do anything for money!
Proof Satan is very Active in These Last Days - Pushing Immorality
People Denying Eternal Security More Judge-not Deceptions
The big mouthed non-judgmental crowd still attacks God while defending Satan
Jesus Had Short Hair! Should men wear long hair?
Short MP3 Radio Interview On Left Behind Game Concerns about the Left Behind series


Almost Persuaded - Is Still Lost! What is Greater than Your Eternal Soul?
What is more important?
The Broad and Narrow Road
The way to hell
Whose Side are you on?
God or the devil?
Blessed is the Man...
Blessed of God
Salvation is Free... But it Costs! A medical description of what the Lord Jesus suffered on the cross Almost saved! Are you?
Almost still means hell!
Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit..what is it?
A believer can never commit this sin
The Call of God to Salvation: Now or Never
There is not much time left to be saved!
Seek the Lord While He may be Found
Today is the day of salvation
God's Love and Justice
Both meet at the cross!

Foolish lost people

The Bible is Just Not Good Enough!
Does this apply to your church?
The Man who Would Attack the Bible Spiritual Blindness of the Lost.
Lost people are also blind people
Banning the Bible..
Satan's crowd seeks to ban the Bible - hate literature!
Why do People in North America Reject the Gospel? Loving Death
Lost people love and court death
People on the way to God's Kingdom
Many different type of people on earth.Some accept and others reject the Lord
Thoughts on the Evil Superbowl Entertainnment
Silly Fools in the Last Days Weep and Howl Rich Men!
Riches will fail!
The Attack on the Bible has Begun!
hate laws by those who hate God
Persecution: North America!
The Lost: Spiritually Blinded ones  Removed from Society - Satan's Goal
Hatred for the Bible and Christians

General Prophecy Related

The two witnesses in the book of Revelation?
For the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation
The Coming Russian Invasion
Ezekiel 38 and 39
Can YOU see the Danger Coming? Woes of the Bible
Turkey is Changing
Getting ready for Ezekiel 38 and 39
Clones: The False god of Science Rises Damascus? Soon to be Fulfilled?
Soon to be destroyed
Mountain Tops and Valleys of Bible Prophecy
Be Comforted: Disease is being Held Back
Until the tribulation period
Training in Godliness
Good for this world and the next
Iran Will not be Destroyed by the USA
They are protected until Ezek 38,39
Babylon the City, Its Location, and Its Coming Destruction
God is still in Control!
No matter how bad things look!

Prophecy related to Israel

The Sin of Dividing God's Holy Land
This brings judgment
Has God forsaken the Jewish People?...NO! ISRAEL: A Brief Discussion of Their History and Prophetic Days Ahead Israel Owns the Holy Land
God has given the Holy Land to Israel!... not the Arabs
Prophetic Events Coming to Israel in the Days Ahead Biblical prophecy and the return of Israel The Palestinian Charter
Calls for the destruction of Israel
Israel stands alone in the world!
Why Yassin and not Arafat? Jerusalem, the Promised Land Satan hates Israel
As you read or watch the news it is very easy to see an anti-Israel bias. Why is this so?
Israel: A Sign of the End of the Age
A Thought for Those Involved with Replacement Theology
Like it or not... Israel is still in God's prophetic plan!
What is Going on in Israel in 2004? Israel and the Church Distinction: ISRAEL: A Brief Discussion of Their History and Prophetic Days Ahead
What the Bible Says About Ishmael and His Descendants
The children of Ishmael are slated for blessing. They will be delivered from the false religion of Islam.
Iran is Talking Tough! Iran Threatens Israel Looking for the Messiah - or the Antichrist!
The antichrist will manifest himself to the Jews as their Messiah
Who Owns the Land?
The land of Israel is owned by God!
Israel VS Hamas/Hezbollah Terrorists July 2006

Prophecy related to Israel and Daniel's 70 weeks

Daniel's 70 Weeks Of Years Seventy Prophetic Weeks of Daniel
Chapter 9 of the book of Daniel stands as the paragon of Bible prophecy
Daniel’s 70 Weeks
Movements Toward the Temple in Jerusalem

Prophecy related to Israel and the terrorist Palestinian state

Palestinian Myths
The Case Against a Palestine State
Palestinian Myths
The Jews took no one's land
Palestinian Myths
Aversion to the truth and love of myths
Palestinian Myths
The Myth Of The Palestinian People
Palestinian Myths
Should There Be a Palestinian State? Brushing up on the Facts
Palestinian Myths
A Japanese View of the Palestinians and Great List of Questions about the Mythical Palestine
Palestinian Myths
There is no Palestine
Palestinian Myths
How the Arabs soften up world opinion with fanciful myths

Rejection of Christianity

Anger is Rising!
Anger is rising against God's people who love the Lord and the Word of God.
Cold hearts in the last days
As sin and apostasy increases and men reject sound doctrine, their hearts will grow cold and cruel.
People who Hate God You are Now Accountable!
Many lost people reject Christianity without understanding it!

Lost children

Perverted Toys For a Godless Society Self Destructing Teenagers Disney Opposed to God Godless upbringing Produces Godless Children!
How to Raise a Rebellious Child
Follow these tips and watch your child go astray and far from God
Children of Disobedience
If you are not saved then you are a child of the devil.

Church related

FOUR Tests for a Good Church
This short article will list four simple tests to see if a church is good or not
Sunday Sabbath, Replacement Theology, False Teaching!
Israel has NOT been forsaken. Therefore Sunday sabbath and replacement theology is false teaching!
The Death of Pastor W.
Death of a faithful man of God who went to heaven after a good testimony here on earth
The Alpha Course is Still in Many Churches
Last days deception and apostasy
Working for the Lord
Be faithful and work for the Lord
Time to Separate
It's time for God's people to take a stand for righteousness in this evil and godless world.
A Warning to Pastors in these Last Days
Are you a good steward or an apostate?
Signpost of apostasy in these last days
Many churches are falling away from sound doctrine
TOUCH NOT The Devil's Anointed! Church People VS the Lord Jesus Christ
Many people attend church who are not saved.
The Main Problems with many Churches in These Last Days
It is getting harder to find a solid Bible believing church in these last days.
Where can we go to Church
Some helpful info when looking for a church
Why do Many Churches Refuse to Rebuke False Doctrine? Why Unity at the Expense of Doctrine? The Apostasy Sweeping Over the Churches How Can There Be Revival Without Repentance?
Church sickness - Happens on Sunday Morning! Religious and Lost
Many religious people are lost hellbound sinners.
We Tell our Youth not to Compromise
But do adults practice what they preach?
Dumb Dogs - sleeping watchmen
Many giving into the devil these days - pastors included!
Calling Godly Women to do Their Jobs
What is sorely needed in these days are Godly older women who are willing to teach the younger women!
Christian Yoga? Christian Drug Use? What's Next? Revival Starts with the Pastorial Staff! A Warning to Christian Women
Beware of extra-Biblical revelations

Deceptive and False teaching

Easy Believe-ism vs True Saving Faith! Some are very Easily Deceived! Wrong Enough to Lose your Eternal Soul What's up with the Cultist: Moon?
Recently the cultist Rev. Moon was crowned Messiah!
Many Deceived in these last days!
Are you deceived too?
They Don't Care! they reject the Lord and sound doctrine
Deception in the Last Days. Wolf teaches in Church, Sheep don't mind!
Trinity denier spoke in church - sheep didn't mind!
What is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit Biblical Christianity vs Relativism
The love gospel that does not test false doctrine
It is unloving to attack and reject sound doctrine
Man followers do not follow Jesus, rather they follow men
Some follow wolves to hell!
Those Who Willingly Corrupt the Word of God Done by a Christian Excuse - DECEPTION!
Is satanism ok if done by a "Christian" - latest deception!
Legalism vs Obedience Man-Made Religion vs God's Plan of Salvation
The Heresy of Tolerance
Are the tolerant really open minded or just lost hellbound sinners?
What Should a Christian do About the Da Vinci Deception  This is a major attack against the Word of God

Beware: Last Days Deceptions

Abominations in the Last days
several 'socially acceptable' abominations that are popular in the last days
The Coming Great Delusion
After the Rapture a great delusion will deceive those who have rejected the Gospel.
Perilous days in the last days The Gullibility Factor
Do you believe all the crazy stories out there?
Extra-Biblical Visions and Dreams Compromising with the Wicked: The Life of Jehosophat False Prophets, Deceivers, and False Teachers Idols Worship will not go Away
The lost love idols
Last Days Deceptions and Warnings Revival Or Apostasy: What is Coming?
Guess what... apostasy is already here!
A LAST DAYS FICTITIOUS REVIVAL led by false "Christ's" The Forbidden Fruit
Man fell in the garden of Eden. Some of the same sins are being committed today!

Judging Evil

Christians are Commanded to Judge Evil
Does Matt 7:1 really mean that a Christian should never judge anything...or are people misquoting the Bible?
Is It Right to Judge?
Some claim Christians have no right to judge anything. Is this true?
Is It Right to Judge?
A tract giving Biblical admonition to the Christian's duty to judge
Why is Telling the Truth Considered Bashing?


Divorce, Remarriage, and Adultery!
Does the marriage really last until the death of a spouse? If a person marries a divorced person, is that adultery?
Marriage: Remember the VOW!
Winning Family Members to the Lord Jesus
Here are some suggestions for winning lost family members to the Lord Jesus!
Marriage: Advise for Single People
Winning Family Members to the Lord Jesus
We all want to see our family members in heaven!

Errors of Amillennial teachings

How to Quickly Refute Amillennial Doctrine
Revelation chapter 20 completely refutes Amillennial teaching.
The False Teaching and confusion of Amillennial Doctrine Amillennialsm refuted by the Word of God. The Amillenial View of Eschatology
Open Letter to an Amillennialist Premillennial or Amillennial? The Rise And Fall Of Amillennialism

Errors of the Pre-wrath rapture

Pre-wrath OR Pre-Trib Rapture? The Imminent Return of Christ and the Pre-Wrath Rapture Pre-Wrath Rapture: A Pre-Trib Evaluation

Errors of the Post-trib rapture

The Days of Noah and the Rapture Two Events: Post-Tribbers are in Trouble

Errors of Preterism

Preterism, Another Prophetic Deception This tract looks at the crazy belief that Jesus already returned... back in 70 A.D.!


Our Statement of Faith

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Click if you are ready to enter...... The Rapture Zone ...! What is the rapture & when God created man & man sinned God wants people saved & salvation is a gift 70 weeks of Daniels prophecy Comments on incorrect rapture views & the correct one This gives a brief overview of the errors of post, mid, pre-wrath, and ammillennialism. Warning about date setters Known vs unknown day Wrath of God is not poured out on His Church The 24 elders in heaven represent the Church The Church in the Book of Revelation Are you ready for eternity?

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