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by Alan Yusko

I've heard many talk against the dreaded evil (to them) of those who are a 'dispensationalist'. They believe this is some kind of 'false' doctrine. Most who are this way also reject the concept of the rapture and the coming reign of the Lord Jesus during the 1000 year millenium.

I just want to make one small point. You people who talk against the concept of dispensation in God's dealing with man are confused. I claim that you are a dispensationalist and you just don't know it! Here is why I make that statement. Before the days of Jesus, God demanded blood sacrifice for sin. So, why are we not doing that today? Why in your church service do they not sacrifice a animal for the sins of the people? Well the answer to that question is simple. We are in a different dispensation! God is dealing with mankind differently now than when He did in the days before the Lord Jesus!

Before the Lord Jesus people were under the LAW. Blood sacrifice was required and was actually a type of Christ. However, the Lord Jesus came, shed His blood and died on the cross. His one sacrifice was forever sufficient for the payment of sin. We are now under the dispensation of grace and a blood sacrifice is no longer needed. Jesus paid it all and lost men simply need to repent and come to the only Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

So the anti dispensationalist has a problem. We no longer need to sacrifice animals for the sins of the people. God is dealing with mankind in a different manner than He did before the Lord Jesus.

We are in a different dispensation! Like it or not!

Remember the next time you see a person pointing his finger at those who believe in dispensationalism.... that there are three fingers pointing back!

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