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By Alan Yusko

I think it is very safe to say that unless you are a sodomite, immoral, or a witch, Disney does not want your business. They seem to cater to those who love sexual immorality and the things forbidden by God in the Bible. Therefore, I suggest Disney gets their wish. Stop buying from Disney and stop going to their parks. Don't do it over spite or anger... just do it because it is the right thing to do! Keep in mind their movies encourage sexual immorality and witchcraft as well, so don't bother with those either! Disney hates God and their evil fruit can be very easily seen!

Imagine a family planning a vacation and showing up at a Disney park only to be there on one of the gay days! Would if be a good vacation if your children saw the open perversion and immorality while they were waiting in line for rides in a Disney park? Also keep in mind that Disney seems to be increasing the number of gay days in their parks each year. Who knows, maybe they will have a gay day at one of your family outings! Of course if you simply shake the dust from your feet and don't go there in the first place, it all becomes a non-issue!

Below is some information from The Calvary Contender June 2004 issue.
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DISNEY WORLD TO CELEBRATE 'GAY' FATHERS DAY - Disney World, which has hosted an annual "Gay Day" celebration each June for several years, attracting over 100,000 homosexual men and women, is now going to celebrate Father's Day as a second homosexual event, June 17-20 (5/04 BB). It is specially designed for lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender parents and their families.

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