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By Alan Yusko

I have to make some more comments on the hellish entertainment associated with this year's superbowl. My problem is not with the actual game of football itself. Football, hockey, golf are all sports which some people enjoy to watch.

The problem this year was with the evil and immoral TV commercials as well as the evil and immoral half time show. To be honest I didn't watch it as football bores me. I'm a bit in the dark about everything that went on. However, below I quote a portion of an article that makes some very interesting points.

The point is this. How many even lasted through the evil entertainment to the point when Jackson was publicly stripped? There were evil and immoral TV commercials and the half time show was very evil from the beginning to the end. Even before Jackson was stripped she was singing a very immoral and suggestive song.

Here are some questions: Did Christians sit through the whole thing and soak up all the evil? Did their children also watch? Here is a portion of the article that makes some interesting points:


My, how things get turned around!

There were howls from all the right quarters recently about the "show" at the end of the Super Bowl halftime performance this year. Some overpaid boy-toy ripped part of the costume off an equally overpaid, talentless music slut.

No, I didn't watch the halftime show. I'm going to make my comments based upon what was written by others who did.

The shock was not that the show closed with a view of Janet Jackson's naked breast, but that the rest of the show had not had those who later objected to the bare breast turning their TVs off in droves long before the infamous closing scene. All the Christian complainers managed to sit through an entire extravaganza of cheerleader/strippers, crotch-grabbing P. Ditty, S&M costumes, bump-and-grind transvestites, simulated lesbian sex, and lyrics that would make a streetwalker blush. They sat through all that in order to be offended by a single breast?

My question is: Were their Christian children watching the game with them?

I would venture to say "yes" in far too many cases.
* * * * * continued...

There you have it! Some very good points made. He left out the part about the immoral TV commercials. I heard about several of them from another source. There was even one from a beer company that suggested sex with a monkey and a girl.

So I have to ask again... how many made it to the point of even seeing the Jackson thing? Before the Jackson show, a person had to wade through lots of smut and evil entertainment. How many made it that far without being offended and turning off the TV?

It seems to me that if a person could view the evil entertainment up to the point of the stripping of Jackson, then why be offended? You already endured tons of filth to reach that point in the show! You should have been offended long before Jackson did her thing, but you were not!

Food for thought!

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