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By Alan Yusko

The days in which we live are growing move evil and apostate. Sadly it is getting very hard to find a good Bible believing church. So many pastors and assemblies have given themselves over to false teaching, liberalism, compromise, rock and roll, and occultism.

In these last days there are Christians in the world who cannot find a good church in their area to attend. Others attend a church that is just tolerable as there is no where else to go.

This short article will list four simple tests to see if a church is good or not. These tests will enable you to quickly discern if a potential church is walking with the Lord or not.

ONE Use the KVJ Bible. I have found that modern and liberal churches use silly versions of the Bible that were based on a corrupt set of manuscripts. The KJV is the Bible of the reformation and God has blessed this version.

TWO Rock and Roll Music. Any church into contemporary rock music is to be avoided. For a church to accept rock music they must first fall far from God and His standards of holiness, separation from the world, and worship. Rock and roll in the church is a major sign of a liberal church

THREE Catholicism. Any church involved with ministries that compromise with the false works based religion of Catholicism should be avoided. Examples would be the Promise Keepers, the Alpha course and other ecumenical activities.

FOUR The occult. It is very hard to believe but Satan got his world of the occult accepted by professing Christians. The lie used was if anything is done by a 'Christian' then it is acceptable. Since the Catholic Tolkien was defined to be a 'Christian' then his evil occultic Lord of the Rings was defined by many as acceptable entertainment. Many churches now have a problem with the enjoyment of the occult in their midst by church families. Pastors have even been known to defend this evil form of entertainment which is an abomination to the Lord. Be aware and avoid this evil.

The above four tests are just a guideline as you search for a good church for your family to attend. There are be areas of doctrine that are not major and should not be a dividing issue. One example may be the use of hats for the ladies. Some assemblies believe ladies are supposed to wear hats at services and people will get upset if they don't. For an issue like this, I would suggest that out of respect to the congregation the ladies in your family wear a hat. It really doesn't matter if you are a person who does not believe hats are necessary.

Other churches have wrong views on Bible prophecy. They may pass the above tests and be wrong as can be on Bible prophecy. Again, prophecy has no bearing on salvation so if there is no where else to go, prophecy should not be a reason to reject a church assembly.

Other churches may believe in the false teaching that Sunday is the Sabbath and must be kept by Christians. Again not a separating doctrine and it has no bearing on salvation. According to Romans chapter 14 it is allowable. If person wishes to keep a special day to the Lord. On the other hand, if a person chooses not to do so, that is fine too. Read Romans 14 for more info on this issue!

Also keep in mind that doctrine is very important. If a church denies the Trinity, salvation by faith apart from works, or the finished work of the Lord Jesus on the cross, then that church is a cult and a false religion. These doctrines are part of the fundamental beliefs of the Bible and Christianity. The cults and false religions deny these doctrines.


If you are searching for a church then pray for guidance from the Lord. Hopefully there will be somewhere within driving distance for you and your family to attend. No matter what happens, keep looking at the Lord Jesus as He is coming back very soon!

There is one thing you must not do. If you are currently attending a liberal and doctrine rejecting church, do not stay in it! Instead Get OUT!! Over time this church will weaken a Christian. Do not stay there as 'light' or for any other reason. If the pastor and congregation have chosen liberal paths then a person who wishes to please the Lord should get out and find a good church!

The fact that it is getting very hard to find a good church is one more proof that we are nearing the end of this age and the return of the Lord Jesus.

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