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by Alan Yusko

The people of North America (USA and Canada) have given themselves over to sin. As a society they have rejected God and His Word. The Bible is not permitted in the school systems while witchcraft is openly promoted. People who have rejected God have given themselves over to the occult with the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings book series selling and breaking sales records. Little children and adults have accepted and witchcraft and the occult. Immorality is rampant in the land with all kinds of sexual immorality practiced. Socially accepted norms are fornication, adultery, and now sodomy (homosexuality). Sodomites are gaining the right to marry as the traditional and Biblical definition of marriage is rejected. TV and movies are preaching the glory of the sodomite lifestyle.

As a result God's judgment is coming on the people of North America. I can't limit this warning to just those in North America as the above sins are being accepted at a world-wide level. Sodomites world-wide are gaining their rights and are publicly displaying their sinful abominations with glee and legal backing. However, for this article we will focus on some potential "hammers" that God may choose to use when He brings judgment upon North America.

Let me point out that God is in control and He is very aware of human history. The world is at the very end of the age and soon the Lord Jesus will return to setup His Kingdom on earth. Before that time the antichrist will rise to power and rule and reign for 7 terrible years. During the rule of the antichrist all the judgments found in the book of Revelation will be poured out upon planet earth! As a result the current world population of over 6 billion will be reduced to somewhere in the millions.

Now with all that being said, lets focus a bit on North America and look at some of the potential things that God may choose to do as He brings judgment on the proud, godless, wicked, and Christ rejecting people. I use the word MAY because I do not know exactly how God will send judgments. However, in the past God used fire and brimstone when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. He used armies, war, and famine to destroy other cities ripe for judgment in days past. Keep in mind that God may choose to use some or all of the below judgments. He may even unleash judgments not mentioned in this article. However, the end result will be the same!

Also remember in the end time prophecies that there is no mention of North America. Something must happen from this current time to that future time where North America is no longer significant in world events. Currently the world power of the world is the USA. In the days ahead the world power base will shift over to the European Common Market nations. Something must happen to make that happen! Could devastating judgments poured out on North America reduce the USA and Canada to minor and insignificant nation status?

Here are some potential judgments that God may choose to use in the days ahead:

- Level 9 earthquake on St. Andreas fault line. This earthquake is due to go at any time. The tension between the two continental plates has been building for almost 100 years. That tension is released by a massive earthquake. Right now in 2003 we are overdue for such a release. There is more information on this danger later in this article.

- Super volcano in Yellowstone National Park. If God decides to trigger this potential disaster, it will cause massive damage in a 600 mile radius. There is more information on this danger later in this article.

- Nuclear bomb danger. Either by terrorist or an act of war North America is in danger of a nuclear bomb.

- Biological terrorism. We already have AIDS, SARS, and West Nile virus. I believe both SARS and West Nile (and potentially AIDS) is a man-made form of bio-terrorism. What will be next and will it be more contagious or deadly?

- Chemical terrorism. Nerve gas, mustard gas, Sarin, and many other forms of chemical agents can kill many in the cities. Islamic terrorists have already shown the world their zeal to die for their false god, Allah.

- Massive weather related disasters destroying homes, crops, and forests. North America is already suffering under unusual temperature extremes, deadly storms, fires etc. Expect more of the same with increasing intensity and duration.

- Economic/financial disaster. The crash of the dollar is possible. Job loss and rising unemployment can cause great harm.

Above is the list of some potential hammers of judgment God may choose to use upon the people of North America. When will this happen? It could be very soon. The stage is now set for the rise of the antichrist and everything is ready to go. All that is needed is for God to rapture home His body of born-again believers and to give permission for the antichrist to rise. All the timing is in God's hands but the indications are that things are moving rapidly in Bible prophecy!

Next, lets look a bit more closely at a couple of the potential hammers of God's judgment. We will look first at the danger of a level 9 earthquake and then the super volcano explosion.

Predicted Quake Could Peg Mag. 9 on Richter' August 13, 2003

Researchers at Columbia University say the West Coast could soon be facing its worst earthquake in centuries.

New research focusing on the coastal waters off Vancouver show that the area where the Juan de Fuca and North America plates overlap is almost twice the size that they thought.

Columbia's Earthquake Institute says the original estimate for the zone where the tectonic plates interlock, called Northern Cascadia, was 56 kilometres. The area is now believed to be 90 kilometres.

The known width of the zone now extends farther towards the mainland, creating an additional hazard for coastal communities.

The greater the overlap, the more friction is built up, resulting in a more powerful earthquake.

Researchers say that this locked zone could create so much energy when it finally releases that it could cause one of the largest earthquakes in history.

In fact, they say it would release 1,000 times the energy of the 2001 Seattle earthquake, which shattered windows, caused skyscrapers to sway and rattled buildings up to 350 kilometres away. The damage caused by that quake cost several billion dollars.

The Seattle quake registered only a 6.8 on the Richter Scale. Researchers say the predicted Cascadia earthquake would measure at least 9 on the Richter Scale.

If the quake is as powerful as the researchers believe, it would be the worst in the region since 1700. E57923824
* * * * *
Keep in mind that the fault line is connected from Vancouver Canada southward to almost Mexico. If God chooses to use that as a hammer of His judgment, it will do great damage to the western USA and Canada. In fact a level 9 earthquake could destroy all the cities along the western coast! That is a very sobering thought!

Lets look at the next news clip about the danger of the super volcano in Yellowstone:

Mystery Bulge in Yellowstone Lake Park Lake Hints at Buildup to Huge Blast

August 10, 2003 By Diedtra Henderson, Denver Post Science Writer

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. - The mystery of the deep at picturesque Yellowstone Lake is a bulge that rises 100 feet from the lake floor, stretches the length of seven football fields, and has the potential to explode at any time.

Of all the life-threatening events that could happen at Yellowstone - from volcanic eruptions to massive earthquakes - this type of hydrothermal explosion is likely the most immediate, serious hazard in the park. So, scientists are trying to better understand possible warning signs.

The dome acts like the lid on a pressure cooker. A hydrothermal explosion releases pent-up pressure; in this case, letting loose 10-foot-tall waves, raining chunks of pulverized rock on land, and injecting a plume of steam and poisonous gases through the water. If the entire dome exploded, the explosion could carve an underwater crater stretching up to 2,300 feet across.

Scientists first noted a problem last summer, as they surveyed the lake. The sharp stench of rotting eggs - from hydrogen sulfide gas - was in the air, clouds of sediment choked the water and swarms of bubbles rose to the surface.

Could those be signs that an explosion is imminent? ...article continued....,1413,36~53~1561852,00.html
* * * * *
If this super volcano explodes it could cause massive death and destruction. The size of the explosion would be massive. It could be as powerful as 2,500 Mount St Helen volcano eruptions all wrapped up into one big blast! Cities would be destroyed and people would die in a 600 mile radius of the blast! This volcano could also trigger the level 9 earthquake along the Western coastline!

As you can see God has many possible instruments of judgment ready for North America. The godless people of North America can only reject and mock God so long before judgment comes. Right now we are in a unique period in time as the whole world is getting very ripe for judgment!

Here are some reasons for the coming Divine judgment. You see God must first be rejected and people given over to sin before judgment falls. Here are some sins in North America that is bringing God's judgment:

- rejection of God and the Bible. God is not welcome in public schools or in government. Lawmakers and politicians have rejected the Bible and Biblical morality. It is interesting that the occult is welcome in government and schools but God and the Bible is not!

- Dis-interest in God. Many people do not openly reject the Lord Jesus. These people they feel if Jesus works for you, then fine. But for someone else some other religion is just as good. Here is something to remember. To ignore the Lord Jesus is the same as rejecting Him. Church attendance is very low in North America. Plus there is an abundance of liberal churches where the pastor and congregations have given themselves over to heresy.

- Acceptance of sexual immorality. People are committing adultery, divorcing, re-marrying, and shacking up unmarried. These activities are becoming socially acceptable.

- Acceptance of the abomination of sodomy. A few years ago the homosexual was in the closet and his practices rejected as disgusting and evil. Today, with the rejection of Biblical morals, things have changed. Sodomites are enjoying legal acceptance are are even gaining the right to marry and share spousal benefits. The warnings and condemnations from the Bible are rejected and mocked. One Canadian sodomite was quoted as saying: You better stop reading your Bible and start reading the Charter of Rights! Another Canadian sodomite wants to get the Bible listed as hate literature because it condemns the sodomite lifestyle!

- Acceptance of the occult. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, occult computer games, and occult TV shows and movies are all leading people to the world of Satan's darkness. People who hate and reject God are drawn to the dark world of the occult. Liberal churches and apostate false Christian tares have accepted the world of the occult.

- Pleasure oriented lifestyle. Many live their lives for pleasure and want no part of God or His Bible.

- Obsession with earthly wealth. Rich men are getting richer as they heap up their treasures in these last days.

- Murder and the shedding of innocent blood. Millions of babies are murdered in the womb through abortion. As societies get further from God, violence and murder will increase.

As you can see the time of God's judgment is drawing near as our modern society is openly rebelling and rejecting the Lord Jesus. This sin and rebellion will not go on forever! God has a day set for judgment and that day is approaching!

Acts 17
31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.


The world is quickly heading toward an appointment of Divine judgment from God. People are faced with the choice to accept or reject the Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly many have rejected Him and have given themselves over to all kinds of sin and rebellion.

In this article we have focused on North America and some potential ways the Lord may choose to send judgment. With the legalization and acceptance of the sin of sodomy, judgment cannot be too far away!

The world in general is moving away from God and Biblical principles. The occult and all forms of sexual immorality is quickly becoming the norm.

Soon the Lord Jesus will return to earth and setup His Kingdom. May that day come quickly!

Rev 22 20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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