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By Alan Yusko

Psalms 9
17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

God is moving in human history. Bible prophecy is nothing more than the history of the world in reverse. Instead of looking backward at past events, prophecy outlines future events on the horizon. People who study Bible prophecy can clearly see the main events or mountain tops of coming events. However, all the details and the timing of each event can be obscured. For example, we know the rapture will occur but we do not know the exact day. We know the antichrist will rise to power after the rapture but we do not know 1) the day of the rapture 2) how long after the rapture the antichrist will rise (however it will not be very long!) We also know that the antichrist will confirm a 7 year peace deal with Israel (revised Oslo agreement?) This event is called the covenant of death and will mark the beginning of the seven year reign of the antichrist. At the end of that seven year period, the Lord Jesus will return to earth. The return of the Lord Jesus at the climax of the battle of Armageddon can be seen in Revelation chapter 19.

One thing that can be clearly seen today is the world scene is lining up for the kingdom of the antichrist. The stage is set right now and at some point the rapture will occur and the devil will be free to bring to power his antichrist.

Another situation is becoming very apparent. God is getting ready to judge the world. His judgment is coming and God will not hold off forever. Right now the USA is getting ready to attack Iraq. Nations are making secret deals and getting ready for the next war. God is watching and looking at how the nations of the world treat Israel. God will impart judgment to the nations based on the treatment of the nation of Israel. Right now God is watching and taking note of the actions of the nations. This fact alone can make or break the USA and Canada. As citizens we do not really know what the governments are doing behind the scenes. However, God is very aware and massive judgments are being prepared.

The western world is ripe right now for judgment. With the acceptance of sodomy, murder of babies (abortions), rejection of God, acceptance of the occult, and many other evils, the western world is ripe for judgment. The day of judgment is coming!

Acts 17
31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

The Arab world is very ready for judgment as well. This war coming will do great damage to the Arabs. They will see again that Israel cannot be destroyed. It is very possible that Iraq will be heavily judged and destroyed by massive weapons used via the USA. The same is true concerning the destruction of Damascus. There is a prophecy about Damascus becoming a ruinous heap of rubble that has yet to be fulfilled. It is very possible that this coming war will fulfill that prophecy. However, the Arab nations will not be wiped out. There is coming a future war led by Russia in another attack against Israel. In the list of Russia's allies are some Arab nations, such as Iran.

This coming war will result in the death of millions. Even the USA may come into a time of severe judgment by God. The USA's sins are great before God and even with the prayers of God's people, judgment could be very near.

One scary thing about end time Bible prophecy is the fact that the USA and Canada are not mentioned at all. Why is this so? We know that the power base will shift from North America over to the revived Roman Empire (the European Common Market). Something has to happen to cause this power shift. Could it be God's Divine judgment upon North America in the coming days? North America is a society that rejects and snubs their nose at God. Judgment is certainly coming and only God knows the exact timing. For Christians, we hope and pray the day of judgment will be after the rapture!

Will Canada and the USA be destroyed in light of Bible prophecy? Personally I would say NO they will not. Even though both nations have given themselves over to gross sins, I do not believe God will totally destroy these nations. Both nations have been a great blessing to the world and to the nation of Israel. For many years North America has been responsible for funding and sending the Gospel throughout the world. My view is that God will remember these facts and spare these nations from complete destruction. However, a great pruning is coming. Judgment for sin will certainly fall upon North America. During the reign of the antichrist, the Canada and the USA are not even mentioned as significant world players. That means something has to happen between now and then. I believe that pruning and severe Divine judgment will lower and weaken North America to a position of great destruction. The nations will survive but will only be a mere shell of what they are today.


Psalms 9
17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

Some people have the mistaken view that God will never take action on their sin and rebellion. God has judged nations in the past and will judge every nation on planet earth in the days ahead.

The verse above is very clear. The wicked will be destroyed and sent to hell. God's judgment is coming. Right now we can see the approaching shadows of great and terrible days coming to planet earth.

Pray for your leaders and pray for your nation. But remember that judgment will certainly fall! God will only let a nation degenerate into sin so far and so long before He takes action. The nation of Niniveh repented at the preaching of Jonah and as a result their judgment was averted. Will this happen to Canada and the USA? No it will not! The people are so proud and God-rejecting that they will have no part repenting of their sin. They will continue in their wickedness and continue growing more wicked until God stops the process via judgment.

The day of judgment may be very near! If you are reading this and do not have the Lord Jesus as your Saviour then take action now! Turn from your life of sin and rebellion against God and accept the Lord Jesus into your heart and your life! Do it today because tomorrow may be too late!

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