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by Alan Yusko

In light of this war in Iraq, I have heard much speculation as to what may happen. There are many possible outcomes. Let me list a few.

- This is a planned war to bring to power the antichrist. This is possible if it is God's timing. But no one knows for sure.

- God is going to completely judge and destroy Iraq/Babylon at this time. There are Scriptures that talk about the complete devastation and destruction of Babylon. They are about to be fulfilled.

- God is going to allow the USA to conquer Iraq and then to build it up. Babylon will be a great world economic leader during the reign of the antichrist. At some point near the end of the antichrist's reign, Babylon will be completely destroyed.

- God is going to use this war to defeat Iraq and to reduce the USA so it will no longer be a super power. The USA will suffer heavy and massive loses in this war.

Above are several possibilities that I have heard concerning the war with Iraq. Many people who study Bible prophecy are making their speculations with the war in Iraq. The point I wish to make is that no one really knows for sure what God is planning to do at this time. God is in control of human history and He is working current events to fulfill Bible prophecy. We can easily look backward at historical events and apply them to Bible prophecy. However things get very tricky when we look forward! God has shown us many mountain tops of Bible prophecy but He has left the details of how He will bring them to pass to Himself.

Here is a verse to consider:

1 Cor 13
12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

The title of this tract is Mountain Tops and Valleys. In Bible prophecy there are certain prophetic events that are very clearly marked. We know for sure that certain things will happen in Bible prophecy. These are mountain tops. The valleys exist because we cannot know the exact timing or current events that God will use to bring these mountain top prophecies to pass.

Here is a few mountain top prophecies:

- The rapture. We know for sure the rapture will happen. However we do not know the exact day or the conditions of the world when God will the rapture to occur. We are told to constantly be ready and to watch because it will be very sudden and unexpected. The mountain top is the rapture. The valley is the timing and current events in the world at the timing of the rapture.

- The antichrist. We know for sure that sometime after the rapture of the Church the antichrist will be free to rise to power. The Holy Spirit working in and through the Church is currently restraining the devil and the antichrist. However, after the rapture this restraint is removed and the devil will have the freedom to raise to power his antichrist. All this is mountain top prophetic events that will occur. Here are the associated valleys or unknowns. We do not know the identity of the antichrist. Many speculate as to the identity of the antichrist but no one really knows for sure. We do not know when he will rise to power. We do not know how the devil will bring to power his antichrist and the world condition when it will happen. We don't know if the world will be in a time of peace or if the antichrist will rise to power after a major war. There are many unknowns or valleys in relation to the antichrist and his rise to power.

- Israel and their temple. The mountain top prophecy is the fact that Israel will rebuild their temple and restart the temple sacrifices. We know for sure that in the middle of the 7 year tribulation period the antichrist will enter that rebuilt temple and proclaim himself as God. This event is called the abomination of desolation in Matthew chapter 24. The antichrist will then demand worship. All this is mountain top prophetic events that will occur. However, here are the valleys. We know Israel will rebuild their temple but we do not know when that will occur. We do not know how they will rebuild this temple because currently the Arabs are preventing them. The pagan dome of the rock is another problem. Will it be allowed to remain standing while the temple is rebuilt or will the dome of the rock be destroyed before the rebuilding of the temple? No one really knows for sure at this time how all the details will work out. There are many valleys related to the coming temple in Israel. However we do know for sure that the temple will be rebuilt!


This tract is written to encourage people who study Bible prophecy. Don't get discouraged by allowing yourself to hold fast to someone's "theory" in relation to valley details.

Here is an example of how a person could be discouraged while focusing on a valley detail. Someone comes up with a formula to calculate the exact date of the rapture. The formula looks good and this person gives all kinds of "proofs" as to why the rapture will occur at this time. The rapture itself is a mountain top event. It is going to happen! The timing and world conditions when the rapture occurs are valley events. When a person believes this rapture-date-formula, they are believing in someone's theory in relation to a valley detail. Remember, no one knows for sure how God will bring to pass a mountain top prophetic event. After the so-called rapture date comes and goes with no rapture, the person is left in a very discouraged state of mind. He may even reject Bible prophecy because he had a very bad experience. However, if this person had not tried to set the exact conditions to a valley event, he would not have been discouraged. It is sad but this example has already happened many times. Remember the book 88 reasons why Jesus will return in 1988? Many were discouraged after that valley rapture-date failed! There have been many dates set for the rapture. All of them failed! Some of these dates have had all kinds of evidence to prove their accuracy. However it is all guessing at valleys or unknowns. It makes more sense to focus on the mountain top event of the coming rapture itself. Then just be ready each and every day and let God work out the details.

Hold fast with the mountain top prophetic events and you will be fine and avoid discouragement. Putting ones hope and faith in the details of valley events is a very uncertain and discouraging thing to do!

Right now there are many "theories" out there in relation to the war in Iraq. It is possible that one of them is the correct one or that none of them are correct. The best thing to do is to focus on the mountain top events and then watch with great joy as God brings them to pass. We know that God is allowing evil men to make preparations for the kingdom of the antichrist. We know that after the rapture the antichrist will be allowed to rise to power. These are facts and they will happen. All the details/valleys leading up to the mountain top events are in God's hands. The end result for the believer is no discouragement. It allows for excitement when watching Bible prophecy unfold before your eyes. A person is always ready and watching to see what God is going to do next!

Stand fast to the Word of God and be a good Berean as you eagerly await the return of the Lord Jesus!

Luke 21
28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh

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