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by Alan Yusko

I wrote this tract because of the growing apostasy I have seen and experienced in these last days before the return of the Lord Jesus. I have seen my share of godless pastors who are bad stewards and useless servants of God. This tract is a warning and an encouragement to all who call themselves 'Christian'. Feel free to print it out and give it to any pastors or any people you feel may benefit from it.

Let me state right from the beginning of this tract that I do not believe that all churches are corrupt and Christians should go live in a hole somewhere. I believe we are to gather together with fellow Christians by attending a Godly, Bible based Church assembly on a regular basis. The purpose of this tract is the fact that Godly, Bible based churches are becoming more and more rare in these last days. Many 'pastors' have forsaken God and sound doctrine and freely lead their church toward false doctrine and gross compromise. As a result it is becoming harder for a family to FIND a Godly church where they can mature and grow in Christ.

In these last days the Bible clearly states there will be great apostasy. There will not be a great revival (like many wolves are preaching) but rather an apostasy, rejection of sound Biblical doctrine, and falling away. Here is what the Bible says:

2 Thes 2
3: Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

The above verse means there will come a time in the last days when the foundations of Christian doctrine will be compromised and brought down by the acceptance of error and heresy. Men will forsake sound Biblical teaching. Well those days are upon us right now! We are now living in days of a terrible falling away from sound Biblical doctrine and Godly values. Guess who is leading in this trend toward apostasy? Well it is godless pastors who have grossly compromised their faith and who really do not care. Then men reject sound doctrine and are eager to look good and who seek the approval of man. These men are not like the Bereans who diligently search the Scriptures and who seek to please God.

Unfortunately, we have many wicked, doctrine compromising pastors who lead 'their' churches. These 'pastors' are men pleasers and could care less if they are walking in obedience to God and the soundness of His Word, the Bible. To attend these churches we have all kinds of people who reject sound Biblical doctrine. The Bible warns:

2 Tim 4:3-4
3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Well these last days where men reject sound doctrine are upon us. Not only do many who call themselves 'Christian' reject sound doctrine but also many who dare to call themselves 'pastor'. These godless 'pastors' have done great damage to the Church and have hurt many of God's people. Pastors do have power. They can lead God's people closer to God and make them stronger or they can do the opposite. Here is a verse that illustrates that fact:

Matt 21:13
13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

This verse has real meaning today in light of the growing trend to apostasy. God's temple was not intended to become a den of thieves. It was intended to be a holy place where people could come and humbly worship God. However the religious leaders made it into something else. This verse says: "ye have made it", referring to the fact that it was the religious leaders that allowed the temple to go from a house of prayer to a den of thieves. God also puts the responsibility for this change upon the backs of the religious leaders who should have known better.

This verse has a very important application for TODAY....doesn't it! Very few pastors take their position seriously. The majority are madly seeking the praises of men, boosting their pride by aiming for 'big' numbers coming out on Sunday, and others are getting rich and living like 'the Kings kids'.

Lets look at some of the things some men who call themselves 'pastors' are doing in these last days of great apostasy:


- Rock and roll concerts in the church and 'contemporary' services. The attitude seems to be that the only way to reach the youth is to give them what they want. After all the goal is to get them inside the church doors and after that perhaps something 'magical' will happen to them. Presto- gizmo... perhaps between rock songs some of the 'youth' may 'accept' Jesus as Saviour. But the goal is to first get them into the church. So this modern 'breed' of pastors are starting up contemporary rock services/concerts to bring in the youth. Obviously preaching the Bible is not enough. Good old fashioned expository Bible teaching will not work so lets use rock and roll instead. Besides it is less work to hire a rock band than it is to spend hours preparing a good expository Bible lesson! Am I hinting that these 'pastors' are lazy? Yes I do believe that I am! They are certainly far from God and have no faith in the Word of God and no discernment whatsoever! They foolishly reason that the youth do not want the Bible (like the older folk).. instead they want rock and roll. So lets give them what they want so at least they will come to church! What a useless 'pastor' and one who will be judged severely when he stands before God!

- Next we have the ecumenical pastors. They reason that unity and love is the most important thing in the Christian walk. So they are busy breaking down 'barriers' and having 'dialogue' with other faiths. Their church is heavily into movements like Promise Keepers and they want to get much closer to the Roman Catholic Church and other 'religious' groups that are 'Christian' in name only. Promise Keepers are very close to uniting with Catholics/Mormons and calling them saved 'brothers'. Rather than leading lost souls out of the errors of Romanism the goal of PK is to unite while throwing out sound doctrine. Many churches and 'pastors' have jumped on this ecumenical bandwagon. These pastors think it is just great to see 30-40 thousand 'Christian' men of all faiths meet together for PK meetings. So what if they are Catholics, or Mormons. After all we all believe in the same Jesus when you get right down to it ... they reason. These 'pastors' ignore warnings about false doctrines and just want to unite. They don't care that Catholicism is a works based sacramental system where people merit heaven on earth (after purging their own sins in purgatory). They ignore all warnings and feel those who speak against this are narrow, judgmental and unloving. The only problem is they are uniting with unsaved men who go to religious institutions who are Christian in name only. These men should be witnessing to these lost souls rather than having an ecumenical prayer rally. But they don't care what God thinks. They don't care they are bad stewards before God and are greatly compromising their faith. They would rather have the praise from men rather than the praise from God by being good stewards. Let me make a point that should be remembered: There can be no unity apart from sound doctrine. Unity apart from doctrine is dangerous and deceptive.

- The experience based barking pastors. These men are more experienced based than Bible based. Since they are not 'Bereans' and stand upon the Word of God, they are wide open to deception. Their 'experience' takes on more weight than the Scriptures to this type of pastor. These 'pastors' follow the name-it-and-claim-it prosperity teachers. Experience is the driving force as they do not believe the Holy Spirit will allow Satan to deceive them. If they get an experience they immediately claim it is from God with no effort to discern. Therefore when people pass out, or laugh uncontrollably, or bark like a dog, or roar like a lion, these pastors believe it is all from God. They do not check the Bible and are really not interested in what the Bible says anyway! In fact these pastors get angry at people who dare to warn about all the 'wonderful' experiences found in their church assembly (like convulsive laughing, barking, roaring). The Bible is only good as long as it does not contradict their experiences and 'visions' from the Lord. These experiences are considered on par or even of greater authority than the Bible. To be an experienced based person is to be deceived. The Bible is the anchor to the soul... not our day to day experiences. Our experiences come and go but the Word of God is a solid foundation.

- The reprobate pastors: This breed of pastor is the lowest in the dung heap. These men have given themselves over to evil and false doctrine. These men would easily have affairs with ladies in their congregation and teach or preach heresy. The reprobate pastor also rejects sound doctrine. Many don't believe in the Trinity, salvation by faith apart from works, the inspiration of Scriptures, the Virgin birth, and other foundations of the Christian faith. They also see nothing wrong with sodomites and some of these pastors actually perform marriages between same-sex couples. These pastors are big on human rights and worldly things and very light on the Bible.

- Get rich pastors: Some of these 'pastors' teach that God wants all His children to be rich and a person only gets sick because of their lack of faith. They are worldly and overly interested in temporal luxuries. Watch them speak and count the number of shiny rings on their fingers as they exhort on tithing to their ministry. Many grab a generous salary. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a pastor getting paid properly. However when a pastor becomes a millionaire and lives in a big mansion from the donations of his 'flock', then he is really just a money grubbing wolf hireling.

- Finally we have the rebellious and disobedient women pastors who take it upon themselves to disobey God without fear. Any church with a woman as its' pastor should be rejected. All women pastors ignore or reject this verse in the Bible:

1 Tim 2:
11: Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
12: But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

Disobedient women pastors think nothing of usurping authority over the man. By people attending such a church the disobedient woman pastor is encouraged to continue in her rebellion.


Above we saw several examples of 'pastors' to be avoided. With all the wolves out there, it does pose a problem for a family looking for a good church home?

What happens when a God fearing family wants to find a good Bible preaching church. This is a family that wants a good, solid, Bible teaching church where they will be blessed and can mature in Christ. There must be good things in that church for everyone in the family. This means godly youth programs for children as well as good Bible preaching for the teens and adults. I hate to say this but that type of pastor and that type of church is becoming very rare!

What will the family do with all these godless pastors out there? Are they all bad? Well the answer is NO. But a person must search and search before he finds a good Church that stands fast on the Word of God. Good Bible based churches are becoming very rare in these last days. I would say there is a great famine in the land. It is a famine for the Word of God!

Amos 8
11: Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:

Well the famine is here and we can thank the godless, worldly, compromising 'pastors' for doing their part in fulfilling the above verse! Rather than teaching and preaching the Word of God, the godless pastors rely on rock and roll, ecumenicism and other evils to fill their churches.

So if you are a individual or a family looking for a good Bible believing church my advise is to do a diligent search. Do not accept a godless, liberal pastor who in reality does not love God, the Bible, or sound doctrine. There are good pastors and good churches to attend but a person must search and use his discernment to find one.


Today church leaders and pastors have an awesome responsibility and they will give an account as to how they pastored a church under their charge. If the pastor allows foolishness and evil to come in, it will affect God's blood-bought people in a negative way by causing worldliness, carnality, and backsliding. An example is the religious rock scene. The sad fact is this demonic music would never have made it into the churches if the pastors and church leaders had obeyed God and closed the door to this evil. Yet liberal pastors who seek the praise of men rather than God feel it is acceptable to open the doors to all kinds of filth as long as the 'filth' is popular. Well rock and roll certainly is popular. It is wrong before God but it is very popular in these last days. Compromising pastors have thrown their Bibles aside and replaced it with watered down sermons and contemporary rock and roll services. They will be judged and should be avoided by all God's people who seek to grow in Christ and please God with their lifestyle!

On the other hand, if a pastor keeps out evil and concentrates on building up God's people with the Word of God, the church will grow and mature in Christ and be a blessing to both God and man. Isn't that a better thing for a pastor to do?

Pastors, you better 'take heed' to what is being said. This tract is not light writing that can be easily dismissed. You better treat your position with great fear and trembling as you are very accountable before God!

Acts 20:28-30
28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.
29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.
30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

So Mr. Pastor! Are you aware of your responsibility before God to oversee the Church of God? Or are you one of the wolves fleecing God's people as you compromise and lead astray? These verses are a warning to Christian's that perverse pastors will arise who will hurt God's people. Christians need to be aware that God has given warnings to His people to look and watch out for evil, compromising pastors.

Shouldn't a pastor have higher goals? Like, for example, pleasing God and being a good steward to the work of being a pastor?

Isn't that a better goal? Won't it be better on judgment day if a pastor tries his best to be a good steward before God and try to encourage, build up, protect from evil, and feed with the Word of God a congregation under his charge? Wouldn't it be great if God said: 'Well done my faithful servant!'. Isn't that a good goal for a pastor to have? It certainly makes sense to me! If this is so then why do we have so many proud, liberal, compromising, doctrine rejecting, unteachable, man pleasing pastors?


The following is a warning for any pastor or church leader who takes his job lightly and is not committed to building up and protecting God's church. Here are some verses that are applicable to today:

Ezek 22:26
26 Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them.

This type of a pastor is not new to God! This type of 'religious' leader is described in the Bible in many places. A man pleasing pastor makes no difference between the holy and the profane. Boy, that sure sounds like many pastors today! On the one hand these liberal pastors will do a sermon on holiness and on the other hand they will allow their young people to be 'blessed' with a rock and roll concert. These pastors speak on very neutral subjects and tread very lightly on the Word of God. Their goal is not to offend anyone. Sermon topics on the blood of Jesus, Hell, the love and wrath of God are avoided by these liberal pastors. Besides it would be terrible if the result were a decrease in donations or membership.

Yet God has given pastors a charge and they have a great responsibility which FEW take very seriously. The Bible continues:

Ezek 44
11 Yet they shall be ministers in my sanctuary, having charge at the gates of the house, and ministering to the house: they shall slay the burnt offering and the sacrifice for the people, and they shall stand before them to minister unto them.
12 Because they ministered unto them before their idols, and caused the house of Israel to fall into iniquity; therefore have I lifted up mine hand against them, saith the Lord GOD, and they shall bear their iniquity.
13 And they shall not come near unto me, to do the office of a priest unto me, nor to come near to any of my holy things, in the most holy place: but they shall bear their shame, and their abominations which they have committed.

God has given pastors a charge and do not DARE take it lightly! Pastors can cause God's blood bought people to fall into sin. Pastors will be judged on the stewardship of their charge of being a pastor. However today many shameful pastors have literally committed abomination to God by their rejection of Biblical doctrine and acceptance of evil and gross compromise. Let me tell you that God is aware of you Mr. Pastor and you will answer for it! You will answer here on earth and you will answer for it in eternity!

Next is a very applicable set of verses in these last days before the return of Jesus. We are living in great days of falling away and apostasy. God literally says 'woe' unto you .... you wicked pastors that abuse your responsibility and are NOT faithful to the job of a pastor!

Jer 23
1: Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the Lord.
2: Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord.

Let it be known all you liberal pastors as you accept your rock and roll and you unite with false religions and you compromise foundational Biblical doctrines, that you are hurting God's people. As a result let me tell you that God is aware of YOU and He says WOE! Now whenever God uses a 'woe' in the Bible it is not good at all. It is related to the judgment of God and He will judge your evil doings and compromise! Your judgment will be here on earth as well as in eternity. Notice that God said in verse 2: '...I will visit upon you the evil of your doings,...' My suggestion is this: If you do NOT take the office of pastor seriously and cannot perform that duty in such a manner that pleases God, then you better step down right now and get another job! It is not a light thing to anger God by hurting and abusing His blood bought people by liberalism, worldliness, and doctrinal compromise.


This section is not written for the liberal godless pastors. It is for those people who attend such a church and who support such a pastor. First I realize that many who follow these godless pastors are unsaved people themselves. They attend church to get their ears tickled, or for the social aspects, or for business contacts. This type of person deserves a compromising wolf type of pastor.

However there are some of God's people who go to churches where the pastor is of such a base character as described in this tract. My question to you is why do you stay there and support such a man? Your loyalty should be to the Lord Jesus first. Churches can come and go but the Lord Jesus never changes and He is totally dependable. If a Church or a pastor is liberal and is walking far from God, then it is your duty to leave and find a good church for yourself and your family. Do not stay in such a church but search and find a good Bible preaching church. Please listen to this advise because it is important to find somewhere where you can be blessed and grow in Christ.

Unfortunately many of God's people just don't care and will stay with a bad pastor. I've heard the saying... 'Sheep will just be sheep'. Here is an example of some blind doctrineless sheep. I attended a Bible study and prayer meeting while visiting a church. I heard a missionary from the congregation deny that Jesus was God. Guess what? Nobody but me cared (including the associate pastor)! I raised my hand and challenged this person while everyone silently looked on. This shocked me as I didn't think it was possible in a 'Christian' church...but it happened.

For many church goers these verses directly apply to them:

4: For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

Many people bear with quite a bit. They bear with false teachers and false doctrines. The liberal man pleasing preacher leads people astray and many people just don't care. They just sit in their pew and shake their heads, go home, then later come back for some more.

If you are not this type of person and the goal is to please God and to grow in Christ, I would suggest you stay away from bad pastors. Do not encourage them, do not support them, and do not attend their church. Don't stop going to church, but find a good one with a good pastor with a heart that truly loves God.


So reader... what is your goal? Do you seek to please God or is it more important to be a compromising man pleaser?

10: For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

It really comes down to servanthood to God and being a good steward of the foundational doctrines of Christianity. When we stand before God we will give an account of the things done on earth. Shouldn't a 'Well done my faithful servant' from God be the number one goal?

Why would a pastor get involved in gross doctrinal liberalism and compromise? Why would anyone attend a liberal church where the Bible is not the foundation? It just doesn't make sense.

I think it is very important for people to take a stand one way or the other. If you are a pastor and you cannot justify your 'ministry' before God with a clean conscience, they why are you still a pastor? Don't you realize you will be judged very severely if you hurt and mislead God's blood bought people?

Rom 2
19: And art confident that thou thyself art a guide of the blind, a light of them which are in darkness,
20: An instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, which hast the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law.
21: Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself? thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal?
22: Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? thou that abhorrest idols, dost thou commit sacrilege?

It's time to take a stand. If you are liberal then correct yourself. Repent before God and determine in your heart that you are now going to be a good steward. Do not harden your heart and refuse correction.

"O Lord, are not thine eyes upon the truth? thou hast stricken them, but they have not grieved; thou hast consumed them, but they have refused to receive correction: they have made their faces harder than a rock; they have refused to return" (Jer 5:3).

BELOW are several news articles that can be related to the above article. As you read just look at how many of the people below are gross compromisers of the Christian faith. They have no desire to please God and to be a good and faithful servant of God. They hate sound doctrine and Godly teaching. Some of them are even 'pastors'. Do YOU go to their churches? Do YOU follow this type of teaching? You will give an account before God one day... don't kid yourself! Either you are a good and faithful servant to God who rightly divides the Word of Truth..... or you are NOT.

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