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by Alan Yusko

We live in the days before the return of the Lord Jesus. In these evil days Satan is doing everything he can to lead people into sexual immorality. Satan is moving in individual people's lives as well as in governments. Both are moving to reject the things of God while accepting everything Satan has to offer. Marriages are breaking down, people are fornicating, committing adultery, and the sin of sodomy is prospering.

Here are some of the things Satan is doing on a world-wide level to prosper his sexually immoral lifestyles.

- Laws are passed in countries world-wide to protect the rights of sexual perverts, fornicators, sodomites, and adulterers.

- Sodomites are marching in many cities world-wide.

- The Bible is being outlawed as hate literature because of God's moral standards against sin. Those who love death and sin actually hate the Word of God.

- The entertainment industry, like a big propaganda machine, is very active in pushing Satan's standards and encouraging people to do evil sexual sins. Many consider fornication or adultery as if it was a normal and acceptable thing to do.

- As a result many today have few, if any, Godly morals. Such people have no desire to obey God and His rules for sex within a Godly marriage. Instead people wish to fornicate with whomever or whatever any time they want. There is no consideration to the consequences of fornication or adultery. AIDS is one such consequence.

- Satan is breaking down marriage with help from the government passing laws and the entertainment industry encouraging people to do their own thing.

- Abortion is nothing more than a form of birth control to many lost people. As immorality increases so does abortion rates.

- As a result there are all kinds of unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and people living together outside of a proper Biblical marriage.

- Even those married get involved in adultery and it is no longer a socially unacceptable thing to do.

- There is a great danger of deadly sexual disease. Does this stop the immoral fornicators? No it does not. Instead, Satan has blinded them to think it will not happen to them. So with no concern about deadly consequences, the immoral continue to reject God's morality as they do sexual sins.

As you can see above is quite a list! It is sad that people want their sexual immorality so bad that they would risk terrible disease and an early death. God is mocked and berated while Satan's moral standards are exalted.

The end result of all this is the judgment of God. The entire world is moving toward Satan and his coming kingdom of the antichrist. Godly morals are being rejected and are being replaced by Satan's morals.

Many are rejecting the Lord Jesus simply for a few short years of temporal riches and pleasure.

1 Cor 6
18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

The following article shows the fruit of a society that rejects God's morality. In Africa it is common for men to fornicate with many different women. As a result AIDS is killing them on a large scale.

Aids 'Kills One in Three' in South Africa

Almost one in three deaths in South Africa are caused by Aids making it the leading killer, according to research. In two provinces, the figure is as high as 40%, says an unreleased report by South Africa's Medical Research Council.

Research was based on the study of death statistics for the year 2000. A researcher admitted that the report relied partly on estimations, since Aids-related deaths are not always identified on death certificates.

South African media have obtained the document, but the government had declined to comment before the report is released officially. "HIV/Aids is the leading cause of death and premature mortality for all provinces," the document states.

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