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By Alan Yusko

Psa 27
14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

- are you nervous or fearful about the impending World War 3?
- are you going through heavy trials in your marriage or your family?
- are you in pain as you struggle in a very bad employment situation?
- are you suffering with health concerns for yourself or a loved one?

The trials of life can be very draining and discouraging. On top of any personal trials the world is heading closer to Divine judgment. Each month there are news stories about the latest disaster in the world. All these disasters and unusual weather/storm destruction are increasing throughout the world.

Also, in the news, is the Islamics and their weapons of mass destruction with their stated goal of using them in North America and Israel. This could mean the death of millions and the loss of entire cities. It also means a nuclear response against those who would do such a thing.

The USA is about to attack Iraq because of Sadaam's desire to develop and one day use weapons of mass destruction. He is seeking biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons with the means to deliver them against a target. When the USA begins to attack (or even before), Sadaam has promised to attack Israel. This has causes war preparations in the nation of Israel. When Sadaam hits, Israel plans to hit back very hard. I would assume that when this happens, the city of Baghdad will cease to exist.


All these troubles are a source of pain and stress for many in the world. What some do to cope is to simply ignore the news. I have heard people say they don't listen to the news because it is so negative. These people try to keep their head in the sand to avoid considering the many troubles and dangers in the world today. Others are drinking more booze to try to dull the pain of what they see slowly coming into the world.

The reaction of Christians who are walking in faith with the Lord is quite different. All over the world, Christians are calling for the soon return of the Lord Jesus. There is an anticipation that something is in the air. Many are praying that the rapture will occur very soon.... and it will, in God's time. One day soon the Lord will return to rapture home His people.

After this event the antichrist will be free to rise to power. Many are speculating that he is waiting in the wings right now. All the troubles in the world are preparing the world for a time when this 'superman' will come to power and somehow solve the problems of the world. The kingdom of the antichrist will literally rule the entire world. Problems will be solved and for a short time, 3 1/2 years to be exact, there will be some degree of peace and prosperity in the world. Through it all there will still be an increasing number of natural disasters, sicknesses, and plagues. During the first 3 1/2 years of the antichrist's kingdom, God will have His two witnesses preaching in Jerusalem. At the end of the 3 1/2 years these two witnesses will be killed.

After killing these two witnesses, the antichrist will enter the rebuilt temple and there proclaim himself as God. He will demand worship and will give out his mark. All who refuse this mark of the beast will be hunted and killed. People will pay by their own death for their faith in the Lord Jesus.

The troubles of this current day are part of the process that will allow for the acceptance of the antichrist. Lost men and women are already getting very close to Satan. Rock and roll is filled with the occult and blasphemy to God. Occultism has become very popular and fashionable after the release of Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. The trend of the world is moving away from God and toward the devil and his soon-to-be revealed antichrist. Movies and entertainment are filled with immorality. Sodomy is being presented as a "normal" lifestyle. All this is happening on a worldwide level! Even the false Christian tares within Churches are accepting of these things. Many tares scream out about their love of the occult and rock music in these last days.

The world is in very troubled times right now and the sad news is that things will not get any better. World conditions will continue to get worse and worse. The time is coming when people will gladly accept the antichrist. He will be looked upon by the lost people of this world as a saviour who will solve the terrible problems of the world.

Through it all, the world is heading toward its darkest days. Two major events are on the horizon of human history. These events have been decreed by God to happen in His Word, the Bible:

1) After the rapture, the devil will be free to raise up his antichrist to rule in this world. His evil seven year kingdom will be setup and he will have control of the world. The starting mark of his reign will be when the antichrist signs a 7 year peace treaty with the nation of Israel. This starts the clock ticking. In fact as soon as that 7 year peace treaty is signed, the Lord Jesus will return to earth in exactly 7 years (360 day years).

2) Earth is heading for Diving judgment. God has said that He would one day judge the earth and those who live on the earth. The wrath of God will one day be poured out. These judgments are described in the book of Revelation as the 7 seal judgments, the 7 trumpet judgments, and the 7 bowl judgments. Once complete, earth's poplulation which currently numbers in the billions will probably number in the millions. All these judgments will happen during the 7 year reign of the antichrist. The worst of the judgments will hit after the 3 1/2 mark.

Today we live in troubled days. However, as mentioned, things will not get better but will get worse. The day is coming when people will literally have heart attacks caused by what they see in world. Those days are getting closer when people will die from fear! Here is what the Bible says:

Luke 21
26 Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

We are now entering into very terrible days in human history.


Psa 27
14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

Look at the above verse and here are some conclusions.

- Wait on the Lord with all your heart and He will impart strength unto you.

- He is coming back soon so hold fast and be strong. The Lord is coming back soon to rapture home his people. He didn't give us the exact day so that we cannot know. However, we do know that the day is quickly approaching. God's encouragment to our hearts is to wait and hold fast. Keep your eyes upon Him and He will impart strenth to your heart.

- You need strength from day to day to endure the troubles and all the troubling news in the world. The solution is to draw nigh unto God. Read His Word without fail daily. Pray and commit your needs unto God. To avoid reading the Bible or to not pray is to starve yourself spiritually. In these days no Christian can afford to starve himself! We all need strengh and encouragment from the Word of God. We also need discernment and protection from heresies and false teachings. The Word of God strengthens the "inner man" and helps us face all the problems of these days.

- Realize that in trials we must draw near to God. All God's people suffer trials in this life. Your strength through it all is to draw nigh unto God. Get on your knees and call out to Him. Pray daily and present your needs and concerns before God. He hears you when your pray! So do it. The only source of strength in the midst of a trial is to draw near to the Lord.

- Realize the Lord loves you and He wants you to draw close to Him. He is our Heavenly Father and He desires the closeness of His children. Do not neglect your relationship with the Lord in these troubled days. His love, comfort, and encourgement is greatly needed!

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