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by Alan Yusko

We are clearly in the last days before the return of the Lord Jesus! An apparent sign is the falling away and rejection of sound Biblical doctrine from within the Christian church. Many pastors have rejected the foundations of Christianity and now serve a watered-down, self serving, ecumenical form of doctrine. In this tract we will look at a closer view of what is happening in many churches that profess to be Christian. Another sad point is the congregations of those churches are just as bad. They have grow to accept everything that comes their way. Error is tolerated, accepted, and defended.

A major problem is for those who still love the Lord Jesus Christ and want a good solid Bible based church home for their family. These are getting harder to find. Many have been forced to leave their 'home' churches because of the acceptance of all forms of apostasy. Then after leaving, the discovery is made that there is not a whole lot of good churches out there! Some have found there are no churches in their city. I know of someone who lives in a small town. One church has a liberal woman pastor and the other church is a money-oriented liberal in doctrine type of church. Other than those two churches there is nothing else! This is not an isolated case and it is a very sad situation. Where does a person go to church if the churches in his town or locality have gone liberal or apostate? We are in the midst of an ever growing famine. That famine involves the Word of God and sound Biblical teaching and doctrine. Read the verse below:

Amos 8
11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

This famine is now upon us. Many churches no longer love Jesus, the Word of God, or sound Biblical doctrine. Instead the pastors bring in rock and roll, liberal speakers, ecumenical programs and the latest fads. This downward trend toward apostasy will not get any better in the days ahead. Instead, it will continue to get worse as the days pass by. The famine will reach its climax during the reign of the antichrist after the rapture of the Church. Sadly, today we are presently in the famine and things will get much worse before they get better!

Another related verse warns that there will come a time when men will reject sound doctrine and the foundations of the Christian faith while embracing apostasy. Men will literally 'fall away' from Biblical Christianity in the last days:

2 Thess 2
3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Well, those days are here now! Before the antichrist rises to power there will be a falling away. This falling away will involve rejection of God, His Word, sound Biblical doctrine, and the foundations of the Christian faith. This tract will look at many forms of apostasy that may be found and offer some encouragement to 'hold fast' until the Lord returns! If you are in an apostate, liberal church then be encouraged to leave and seek one a Biblically sound one.


The first and major problem is apostate pastors. There has never before been a time when so many unsaved men fill the pulpits of churches. Why lost men would seek a position of authority in a church is very strange. They don't love God and they are not born-again so why become a pastor? These men have no heart for God, His Word, sound Biblical doctrine, or God's people. Yet they rise to a leadership position and seek to teach and preach to a congregation. These men are easy to spot. They are into the latest fads and the key identifying sign is their lack of interest in the Word of God. Rather than spending time teaching, preaching, and exhorting from the Scriptures, these men seek to entertain and bring glory to themselves. They are heavily involved in ecumenicism where many different religions or groups unite to be as one. The service is a shallow, watered down Gospel message with lots of rock and roll music involved. Other pastors follow the latest word-of-faith wolves out there. When politely confronted or shown the bad doctrines these men are completely unteachable. They have no heart for obedience or sound Biblical doctrine and will not listen. In fact if a person crosses such a pastor it will be quickly seen how cruel and mean such a pastor can be. A cold heart comes with the doctrine rejecting heart!

On the one side there are liberal apostate pastors and on the other is the congregations that put up with them. Many people are very loyal to their church and not too loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ. If a church goes apostate feel free to stay a bit to reason with the pastor in the hopes he will change. However, when it is apparent that the church is going astray with a stubborness that will not change, then leave and go elsewhere. Attending an apostate, doctrine rejecting church will only weaken a Christian who seeks to mature and grow. A church is not so much of a social club as it is a place to grow and mature in Christ under good Biblically sound leadership. Once the leadership falls away from God, there is no longer any reason to stay. However, many in the congregation do not care. The church can go deep into apostasy and they just do not care. The congregation simply accepts what is presented or taught with no discernment or care.

The name for a negative quality where there is no concern for God or obedience is apathy. People simply do not care about doctrine or obedience. This negative quality can be seen both in pastors and congregations. Contrast this with someone who loves God and His Word. When confronted with heresy and error that person is offended in his spirit and will not receive such teaching.

-Rock and roll in the services and youth groups.
This is a very common sign of apostasy. All liberal churches who seek to imitate and please the world accept rock and roll into their programs. I have never seen a solid, sound doctrine church embrace rock and roll in any form. So if your church is using rock and roll then beware! You are in a liberal church that is going down the pathway to apostasy. The sad fact is that rock and roll has been so firmly entrenched in these liberal churches that today the young people are now listening to secular rock. Years ago the call was for religious rock and roll which was considered good and an great alternative to the evil secular rock and roll. However, over the years the backsliding has adjusted peoples' morals downward to the point that the young people now freely embrace secular rock.

Here is an example of the rock and roll brought into a church. Years ago we attended a church that today is totally apostate. Religious rock was creeping into the youth groups for several years and many Godly saints were warning against it. The pastor, however, knew better and decided to allow this filth to come into the church. One Sunday night service he brought in a religious rock group. These people dressed nice and looked 'normal' (compared to other religious rockers). However, when they started to play they were wild and very loud. We listened to this trash for a little bit and decided to leave. We were not the only ones thinking these thoughts. As we left we noticed several others also were heading toward the exit doors. In total at least one quarter of the people walked out on this rock and roll band. I know for ourselves as we left, we had a heavy heart that was vexed with pain for what we just experienced. The story does not end here. Next Sunday morning the self-righteous pastor gave a 'tongue lashing' to all the people who walked out on his rock and roll group. Again more sadness and vexation. Shortly after this incident, we left that church. The sad thing is today this church is totally apostate. There has been a clear downward trend over the years. The pastor is now dead but before he retired/died he brought in a wolf pastor many times worse than himself. One thing to remember, when a church goes into apostasy it is not a one-time-event. The fall away from God occurs slowly at first. Then as the years go by it accelerates as more and more doctrines fall away. This is a common ploy of the devil. He does not always destroy quickly. No, instead it is more effective to allow a slow decay over time. This the heart of backsliding or a church falling into apostasy.

Here is the current condition of that church: The 'new' pastor came in and didn't do too much changes for a couple of years. Yes, he continued with the promise keepers and was happy about the rock and roll music. During this time he became very popular and was greatly 'loved'. Once he started making changes - for the new millennium - of course, he really changed things. First he did away with Sunday school for the adults. This made many people angry as Sunday school had always been a major part of the church with more than 9 adult classes to choose from. Instead, the wolf put in an extra service. Now there is a service at 9am and one at 11am with Sunday school only for the little children. The church used to have a special Sunday school for people with disabilities and who were mentally retarded. This was called the 'friendship' class. It also was cancelled. Next, the wolf pastor started up a Saturday night service for the young people. It is a rock and roll service with a little bit of preaching between songs. The young people go to this and don't bother getting up for Sunday morning anymore. This also has offended some parents as they can see their families are now split. Teens go to the rock and roll service on Saturday night and the rest of the family goes to one of the services on Sunday morning. The rock and roll has not stopped there. Little children seven years old and up are also openly listening to secular rock and roll music. Spice girls, the Backstreet Boys, Brittney Speers are some of the favorite groups. The teenagers are imitating their rock and roll idols with strange dress and funny haircuts. This type of behavior I would expect from lost people but not from professing 'Christians'. Finally, the wolf pastor is very ecumenical. He just loves Catholicism and praises the pope, priests, nuns constantly. This falling away has also affected their music and play presentations. I heard one person complaining that the last year Christmas play was totally secular with very little emphasis on Jesus from the church choir and the children's choir. Even the children's choir are used to singing lots of secular songs and very few songs about Jesus. This church used to have a Christian bookstore where after each service you could go and look for some good reading. That was closed years ago. I could go on, but I think the picture is very clear. A church that at its beginnings was solid, is now gone astray. The pastor does not care. In fact he is leaving soon to a better job. But he will be very involved in picking a new pastor to fill his space. I'm sure he will pick one that is seven times worse than himself! Another sad note is the congregation does not care either. Many people have left that church who used to attend it years ago when it was a good place to go. However, new people have come in and doctrine is just not an issue anymore. Both the pastor and the current congregation simply do not care about the depths of their falling away into apostasy.

The following is one verse that sums up the entire rock and roll scene.

Titus 1
16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

I might also add that the tares within the church love rock and roll. In fact they are the greatest supporters and encouragers of this Satanic filth!

The next trend that can be clearly seen in apostate churches is ecumenicism. This is where groups that are naturally divided by doctrines unite under some kind of common bond. The result is to give up or put aside the doctrines that separate. For example, Catholicism teaches a works based salvation. They teach that each mass Jesus comes and dies again (in a bloodless) way for the sins of the people. Then after death the poor Catholic goes to purgatory to finish paying FOR HIS OWN SINS before being allowed to enter heaven. This is not Biblical Christianity. According to the Bible, man is a lost sinner on the way to hell. However, God became a man (Jesus) and died once and for all on the cross at Calvary. His blood shed gives a complete and final cleansing for sin. He offers salvation as a free gift to all who will freely receive this gift with a believing, repentant, and humble heart. As you can see Biblical Christianity and Catholicism differ greatly. In fact both present totally different plans of salvation. The Bible believer should be witnessing to Catholics and telling them about the free love gift of salvation found in the Lord Jesus instead of trying to unite with them as 'Christian' brothers. But this is what the ecumenical movement does. Doctrines that naturally separate are pushed aside to allow unity. Now the call is to make the claim that Catholics are fellow Christians not in need of salvation. This can only be done by rejecting the simple plan of salvation as found in the Bible.

As churches slide deeper into apostasy they wake up, look around and discover that they have many common beliefs with groups they once disagreed with. Soon dialogue begins and later the door is open for a uniting as one. This trend will continue until all the religions unite under the leadership of the antichrist. Of course the climax of ecumenicism will not occur until after the rapture of the Church. But the trends can be easily seen today as the true Church approaches rapture time.

1 Corinthians 10
20 But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.

2 Corinthians 6
14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Ecumenical movements are very easy to spot. For example the Promise Keepers are busy uniting Evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons. There exist celebration of prayer sessions organized where all types of different religions get involved. Also, many different religions get involved in various marches for Jesus. The idea is this... just say you are marching for Jesus, then come along! The sad part is each group believes in a different Jesus than who is presented in the Bible. Do they all believe that Jesus is God in human flesh? No, but who cares, lets march! Do they all believe that Jesus is the ONLY way that a person may be saved? No, but lets get together, call ourselves followers of Jesus... and march! Do they all believe that salvation is a free gift totally apart from any works or personal merit? No, but in the spirit of ecumenicism and cooperation, lets get together and march! This is evil and demonic!

The point I'm making is that ecumenical programs require sound Biblical doctrines to be given up. Certain foundations of the Christian faith must be ignored or dropped in order to unite with other 'religious' groups with a different foundational belief structure. This is why ecumenical programs are all from the devil. The goal is to weaken the professing Christian church. Any church that is committed to the Lord Jesus will seek to win lost souls rather than attempt to unite with the lost by ecumenical programs.

What a sad situation it is to find a pastor who seeks to unite with the lost or with false Christian-in-name only groups. That man is not a Godly pastor but rather is a hireling who does not love God, sound Biblical doctrine, or God's people. Such a man, I believe, will be judged very severely for taking the responsibility of a pastor and then doing the work of a hireling. Being a pastor is a very serious responsibility and a man in that position should realize he is directly accountable to God.

A final point I wish to make is that all roads down the ecumenical pathway lead back to Rome. Ultimately when groups unite they do so with Catholicism. An interesting point is that Catholicism is not the one who changes their doctrines. Instead, it is the one uniting with Romanism that goes through the doctrine-changing process. Romanism stays the same and other groups change their doctrines to become acceptable to Catholicism. Very sad.

In these closing days watch for ecumenicism to increase until the time when there is one great big worldwide religion under the authority of the antichrist. Of course this will not completely happen until after the rapture of the church.

-Acceptance of wolves
This is a very common problem in these last days! Congregations and pastors love several of the wolf-evangelists out there. These wolves come in many flavors. Some of them deny the concept of sin stating that such a belief is too negative and will hurt ones personal esteem. Other wolves are in the word-of-faith heresy where they speak of a name-it-and-claim it heresy where money and riches are very important for God's Kings Kids. Pastors should really know better than to follow such wolves. The Bereans tested what they heard and compared it to the Scriptures. If only more pastors and congregations did such a thing there would not be a wide acceptance for the multitude of wolves.

I put most of the blame on pastors. They really should know better than to follow and accept the teachings of these popular wolves. But many pastors do not fear God so they blindly accept the wolf and his teaching into their pulpit.

-Acceptance of error
Certain things are just plain wrong and should never even make it into the churches. For example, acceptance of the sin of sodomy that many churches have accepted as an alternate lifestyle. Other examples would include points already discussed such as ecumenicism, false teachers and their doctrine, and rock and roll. Pastors and congregations really should know better, but they don't. The sad thing is very few people even care.

-Defense of wolves and error
Another sign of apostasy is not only the acceptance of heresy but the defense of it. As people and churches fall away from God they tend to get very close to the devil. Heresy is defended in liberal churches while sound doctrine is opposed. Sad but true! If you have not seen this then simply find a devout follower of one of the word-of-faith heretics ... like Mr. Hinn. Then get several quotes that show that this man is a false teacher and a heretic. Finally, present it to the devout follower, politely, and then watch that person reject it and get angry.

-Anger against those who warn and speak out on apostasy.
I've heard some name-call those who call the doctrines of popular wolves to account as being 'heresy hunters'. These heresy hunters are considered to be very evil and some in the TV media have issued death threats. One person said he wanted a Holy Ghost machine gun to shoot to death all the heresy hunters. Others have 'damned to hell' the heresy hunters. The issue is not the Bereans who reject and expose false teaching. Instead the problem is with all the tares who love false teaching and the heresies of the wolves. If a person speaks up against a popular wolf teacher then out comes the verbal abuse and the threats!

People wish to be able to introduce all kinds of heresy into mainstream Christianity and then not be accountable for what they teach. In fact if they are called to account for false teaching the attempt is made to make the Bereans who reject false doctrine the guilty party. Today, in many cases, when false teaching is presented, a person is expected to be silent about it ... or else. The devil is running free in many churches as the people simply accept all that comes their way. This shows a very sad spiritual condition of many who profess to be Christians. People who love God and who love the Bible should not tolerate evil teaching at all. The wolves should never even be invited into churches and their TV ministries SHOULD die for lack of interest. But this is not the case. People reject doctrine and are wide open to the teachings of the popular wolves.

2 Timothy 4
3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

Here is an example. I knew a person who followed a very popular wolf out there. I showed this person all kinds of documentation about the errors and false teachings of this wolf. In fact the documentation I presented should have settled the matter once and for all. Did it? Nope, instead the person got angry that I dared to speak out against "God's anointed". I explained that this wolf was Satan's anointed and not Gods' because he denied the foundations of the Christian faith. The end result was this: All the documentation was rejected and that person also rejected me and what I had to say. He wanted his wolf and that was that! It is sad to say but this is a very typical reaction.

-Bible versions (or no Bible)
In churches that I have seen, I've noticed that all the 'liberal' ones use all kinds of versions of the Bible. Now, this is not a discussion on which is the best translation to use. However, I believe the KJV is the best as the 'modern' versions are based on corrupt manuscripts - many of which came from the Vatican manuscripts. Based on that observation, I think it is common to see when a church goes liberal they also have liberal versions of the Bible in use. Liberal churches come in many flavors. I knew of one church where no one brought in a Bible to the Sunday morning service. There was simply no point as the pastor just talked on stage anyway. It was almost funny. At this liberal church people came casually dressed (shirt-tails out... for men) and no Bible. They claimed if you wanted Bible teaching then you could get involved in a weeknight home Bible study. Other than that there was no need for a Bible. Other churches use the New World Living Third Grade Reading Level version type of Bible. Who knows what that type of Bible says!

Another point of frustration I've seen is when churches use all kinds of Bible versions. It is then very difficult to follow along as the pastor preaches. One week it may be the NIV, next the NASB, next the Living Bible. These different Bibles are so different from each other that just to read a portion of Scripture together in a service is almost impossible. It is difficult to follow along in Scripture reading because verses are different and some are omitted in the various versions. If everyone sticks with the good'ol KJV this is not an issue and everyone can easily, follow along!

So remember what I've said. Show me a church that is liberal, then I will show you a Church using all kinds of Bible versions. The two do go hand-in-hand.

-Watered down services
What is a watered down service? Well I would define it as some kind of shallow non-Biblical service. The Bible may be mentioned but there is no in-depth preaching and teaching of the Word of God. I guess a person could call that type of a service a starvation diet. The Word of God is spiritual food and Christians are to desire the Word in order to grow and mature spiritually. A liberal church will cause spiritual starvation to the members who attend regularly. In a watered down service there is all kinds of entertainment and rock and roll. Since the Word of God is not taught other man-made things must be presented to entertain the people. Self esteem, pop psychology, skits, and rock and roll are common features in a watered down service. Churches that go far from God and His Word get very close to the devil.

1 Peter 2
2 As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

Here is an interesting aside story. I remember years ago a guest preacher held a series of meetings in church. He was an in depth, solid, Bible expositor. He really taught and preached in-depth Biblical topics. The interesting thing is that his services were very full. People loved to come out and to be fed with great Bible teaching. People made the effort to attend his services throughout the week and there was a noticeable attendance increase. After he left things went back to normal. Too bad the pastor was unable to see that the people loved the in-depth Bible teaching.

So, if you find a church that loves the Bible and is committed to lots of good Bible teaching and preaching, you are blessed. Again it is very sad that this type of church is a rare thing in these last days of apostasy.

-Little or no Sunday school
Sunday school is an important ministry of the local church. In the main service the pastor speaks to a more general audience. In Sunday school the teacher is able to get into extreme details and teaching about the Word of God.

Sunday school is not just for children. It is very important to have a good children ministry where the young people can be taught about the Bible and learn the great stories. In addition to the children's ministry, many churches have several adult Sunday school classes. Topics would include Christian family living, young married people, new Christian training, and various Bible study topics. I once went to an excellent Sunday school class called the Bereans. In this class prayer requests were very important and there was lots of in-depth teaching about the Word of God. A good Sunday school program is a great complement for a good church ministry. People attend and get fed spiritually in Sunday school. Later in the main service they also get good teaching. This is the ideal setup. Unfortunately, it is not reality for most churches these days.

I know of a church that once had a thriving Sunday school program. But unfortunately the church went liberal and a wolf-pastor became the senior pastor. One of the things the wolf did was to totally remove the adult Sunday school program and put another service in its place. Even though this move upset the people the wolf pastor did it anyway. Instead of Sunday school, there is two services on Sunday morning and that's all this church has to offer. Starvation occurred in that church as the liberal preaching from the wolf pastor did not impart any spiritual food for the people. This is very sad but it is one of the signs of the last days apostasy.

-Cold hearted congregation and pastor
This is a very sad fact as pastors and churches fall away from God. As people become more distant from God their hearts grow cold. Once friendly and loving people become very cold hearted. I've heard and seen many instances of downright 'meanness' within the church as people get further away from God. A pastor with a cold heart is proud, power hungry, and self serving. A congregation with a cold heart becomes apathetic to heresy and error. However, if their pet-heresy from a favorite wolf teacher is confronted, they can become very angry, rude, and mean. Do Christians always treat others with love as we are commanded? No, unfortunately not. However, if you love sound Biblical doctrine and go to a liberal doctrine rejecting church assembly, you will be on the receiving end for lots of cold hearted responses. It's sad, but if a person does not 'get-with- the-program' then he is subject to abuse. If the program involves liberalism and rejection of sound doctrine, then there are many places where a person who loves the Lord and the Bible simply will not fit in.

-Plays and musicals with little or no Spiritual content.
This is an interesting thing to look for in a church. If a church is falling away from God, then the church plays and musical presentations become very secular and worldly. Jesus is rarely mentioned as no one would want to cause offense. Here is an example. Years ago we went to a Christmas musical at a church. We didn't know very much about that church, so we went in with an open mind. The musical started up and it was about 1 1/2 hours long. It was totally secular except for the last 15 minutes where the Gospel was briefly presented. I kept wondering when they were going to sing about the Saviour. I found this musical to be quite offensive and it gave me a definite impression about that church. Here was a church that was so distant and ashamed of Jesus that they were afraid to exalt Him in all they do. I've been to other Church plays and musical presentations where all throughout the play, Jesus is exalted and praised. That type of presentation really uplifts the heart. However, a presentation from a backslidden or liberal/apostate church is really just a waste of time and an emotional drain.

Spiritually alive churches love Jesus and constantly portray Him in song and plays. Musicals, choirs, and children's presentations all raise up the name of Jesus. Dead churches go for the secular/worldly presentations with very little Gospel and very little Jesus. Even the children go on-stage and do 'cute' but secular things in a dead church.

If you see one in a church... substitute the word 'wolf' for their name. Masonry worships Lucifer and no one who belongs to Christ will continue in that cult. However, there are many churches where Masons are accepted as good members or given leadership roles. Masons are easy to spot as they feel they must publicly identify with their Satanic cult. Look at the rings on the hand as well as Masonic symbols on the back of cars. A Mason should be confronted (politely of course) by the leadership of the church. There are all kinds of books in Christian bookstores or web sites on the internet that expose this Satanic cult. If a Mason refuses to repent and reject his cult, then he should be cast out of the church for being a wolf. It is as simple as that!


Don't give up! Search and find a good church assembly.

Heb 10
25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

In these closing days we are not to give up attending a church assembly. However, we are responsible for finding a good, solid church to attend. Keep searching and use the guidelines in this tract for pointers and warning signals for a apostate church.

Here is a sad example. A friend and his family lives in a small town. In this town there is literally no good churches. There are only two church assemblies to choose from. The first has a liberal, doctrineless woman pastor. Of course any church with a disobedient, rebellious lady who dares to call herself 'pastor' should be avoided. The other church is a cold hearted liberal church. This church has its building plan as its main focus. Teaching, fellowship, Spiritual growth is not important here.

Now, I would hope and assume that my friend is in a unique situation. Most people can find at least one passable church within driving distance to attend.

- keep looking! Don't' settle for an apostate liberal church. No church is perfect and there will be certain weaknesses in any church selected. However, do not give in and select a liberal church because you are tired or stressed out from looking. A liberal church is dangerous as it will weaken and lead astray.

- What about you becoming a pastor? This is an interesting challenge. Many pastors in these last days have greatly compromised the Christian faith. They are bad stewards and a hireling pastor. There is a great need for pastors who love the Lord and are willing to take on such a position with humbleness, obedience, and accountability to God. If you are solid and concerned about all the falling away, they consider this option. If a person will not compromise the foundations of the Christian faith and feels a burden, then the goal of becoming a pastor is a good one. Of course something like this must be committed to God in prayer. However, if God gives approval to your heart, then it is a high goal to train and become a Godly pastor. We need more Bible based, uncompromising pastors who make it a priority to serve God and to build up His people. That type of pastor is a rare breed in these last days of apostasy.


If so then you are blessed. I would encourage you to support your pastor, encourage, and defend him. It is very important that you pray for your pastor and your church assembly. The devil is on a rampage in these last days and good churches need prayer. Of course be very thankful that you have a place to go that offers spiritual food. Remember there are many of God's people who are living on a spiritual starvation diet. Always watch for those who would divide and cause trouble in the church assembly. I'm not too knowledgeable in the area of church splits. I've never experienced that type of trouble. However, I have read about this type of situation and realize that people have to be aware and protective of their church. Do not let the devil destroy from within. If people are causing trouble and trying to divide from within, then they should be confronted, and if needed removed from the church.

Finally avoid the trap of being over-involved in your church. I've seen people who are totally involved in church to the point that their family is neglected. This is wrong and does not honor God in any way. Children should not suffer neglect because mommy or daddy is too busy in church. It is important that children have good family meals together and happy bedtimes. Of course the key to being a good parent is to simply love your children and to BE THERE. Do not let church service take you away from time that should be spent with your children. It is very important to set your priorities and to order your involvement in relation to family. During different points in your life, involvement in church will vary. For example single people have lots of free time and can get very involved. People with children are somewhat limited as they are commanded by God to raise a Godly seed. Obviously, children take priority over the multitude of church programs that are available. However, children do grow up and the time will come when an increase in church involvement will present itself.


Jesus is coming back very soon. I'm convinced we are now living in the last days preceding the return of the Lord Jesus. He has promised to come back and He surely will!

John 14
2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

The days we live in are so dark and sinful that it is becoming more difficult to find a good, solid, Bible based church. I'm convinced that there is now a famine in the land and that this famine will only get worse. It is a famine for the Word of God.

Amos 8
11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

This famine will increase right up to its maximum time under the reign of the antichrist. We are certainly in the early stages now. Many churches, pastors, and congregations are selling out to the devil as they accept wolf teachers, rock music, and the ecumenical movement.

We are seeing a massive increase in apostasy (in these last days) to the point where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good church. Many Christians have been forced to leave their home church as apostasy and apathy brought in all kinds of wrong doctrines. It is very frustrating to want to attend a good church and then have trouble finding one. Unfortunately, this is an increasing problem in the last days.

In this tract we covered many things to look for in a church that is going astray from God. Do not settle for an apostate church as it will transform you over time.

Proverbs 13
20 He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

Never become tolerant of heresy and error. So what if the majority of people in these last days accept evil. YOU don't have to! Remember that soon we all will stand before God to give an account. It is a very good goal to hold fast to the foundations of the Christian faith for that day before God! Also, do not let yourself become apathetic to evil and heresy.

Remember also, there are certain side issues believed by different Christian churches that really do not matter. Such a church would be a solid, Bible based church. However, they may have one or two side issues that they may practice or believe. Do not nit-pick over side issues that don't really matter. For example if you find a church that is solid in all areas except for a few minor areas that do not matter, then accept it as a good church assembly. Here is a example, I know of some churches that are very big on ladies wearing hats or headcoverings. If you visit such a church and don't really agree with the hat issue, just remember it is a side issue that doesn't really matter. Ladies should wear the hat to give respect to the church assembly that wishes them to do so. This is only one example, but there are many more. Certain side issues are not important, so don't make them a big issue.

So by all means, find a good church and attend it. Be encouraged that God is aware of the great falling away going on in these last days. We have been clearly warned.

2 Thess 2
3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Yes, we are living in great days of apostasy where many in the professing Christian church are giving up the foundations of the Christian faith. Don't worry about it! The Lord will come back soon as He has promised to do so. After the rapture the earth will fall into its darkest days. We are seeing the beginning of those days right now!

Rev 22
20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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