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by Alan Yusko

In the days of the antichrist there will be four great powers in the world.

1) The Revived Roman Empire which is the European Common Market

2) The Kings of the East. This is China and their allies. When they move they will field a 200 million man army and destroy 1/3 of mankind.

3) Kings of the south. This includes Egypt and some African nations.

4) The Russian alliance. This is Gog in the land of Magog. Russia and their allies will be destroyed in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

In all of Bible prophecy there is no mention of the current great superpower in the world, the USA. Some claim there are hints of the USA in the term "distant lands" and this may be true. However the USA as a major world power just doesn't exist in the very last days of Bible prophecy. The real seat of power in the last days will be the antichrist and his kingdom in the Revised Roman Empire. Today the nations of the European Common Market are slowly but surely getting more powerful. One day the antichrist will take the reigns of this final empire.

All this brings up two possibilities concerning the USA:

1) The USA has been greatly judged and destroyed within the will of the Lord. The people of the USA have rejected God, the Bible, and His people while indulging in all forms of sexual immorality, occultism, murders, and other evils. As a result God sent many to give warnings to the proud and arrogant people of North America (Canada and the USA). Sadly, no one listened to the warnings. In fact many people thought they were funny and entertaining as they laughed and mocked! Therefore, one day Divine judgment will fall on North America and the land will be destroyed just like Sodom and Gomorrah.

2) Another possibility is that the USA will become so weak they are no longer a world power. The USA and Canada will become one of the many minor nations of the world. They will be so small, powerless, and insignificant that the Bible doesn't even mention them in relation to end-time world events. Again this is also a judgment of God. To fall from world-power status to a state of insignificance is a judgment.

No matter what happens to the USA in the days of the antichrist, the main world power will be the European Common Market. This means that between now and the time the antichrist comes to power there will be some major world-power/nation changes.

Just watch as time goes by. The European Common Market will continue to grow stronger while the USA will continue to decrease and grow weaker.

Another interesting note is the fact that looking at Bible prophecy and end time events, the antichrist could rise to power in the not-too-distant future. Everything is being setup right now for the kingdom of the antichrist. All that is needed is for the rapture and the removal of God's restraining power over evil. At that time Satan will be free to bring to power his antichrist. If this possibility is true, it means the judgment on North America is not too far away either.

Remember this is just speculation as the times of fulfillment are entirely in the hands of the Lord.

No matter what happens it is very important for a person to be ready to meet the Lord Jesus. If you are a born-again Christian then stand fast and be faithful as you wait upon the Lord. If you are unsaved, turn to the Lord Jesus for salvation. Today is the day of salvation and no one is promised tomorrow. To reject or put-off salvation puts a person in risk of dying in their sins and perishing for all eternity!

Rev 22
20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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