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by Alan Yusko

Isn't it interesting how our we tell our kids not to compromise. There hear:... SAY NO to drugs... don't give into peer pressure. Stand alone if necessary. Do whats right.

In children Sunday School the kids learn songs like; 'Dare to Be a Daniel... Dare to stand Alone....'. Kids sing how they must stand up for Jesus in this lost world. Daniel is an example of a man who did not give in to pressures. He stood strong in his faith and God blessed him for it.

Then something happens. The child grows up. Now he is a teenager. He is told by his youth group that Christian Rock, rap, heavy metal etc is very good. In fact the whole youth group can get ticket discounts to the latest rock concert. Compromise creeps in and the desire to be a Daniel quickly falls away. Soul winning is quickly replaced by rock concert evangelization. Foundational expository Bible messages are replaced by light, feel-good messages with no conviction.

Then some more years go by and the child reaches early adulthood. He then looks around and sees the adults lining up to unite with false religions like Catholicism. Promise Keepers is one example of such an ecumenical movement that cares nothing about sound Biblical doctrine. Other adults blindly follow wolves and false preachers who bring in all kinds of heresy and false teaching. There are all kind of Toronto Blessing wolves, name-it-and-claim it word-of-faith false teachers etc. These teachers are blindly accepted and NO ONE better say anything against "God's (so-called) anointed.

The concept of 'Daring to be a Daniel' no longer applies to adults. Instead relativism is the norm. The young adult hears things like: Don't judge. The Holy Spirit convicts .. .not you. Who made you judge? etc... False teaching, deception, and lies comes in and adults are afraid to 'stand up for Jesus'. Instead they compromise and ignore false teaching because they do not want to look like they are: unloving, narrow, and judgmental. Besides someone may even call them a Pharisee if they dare to speak up... So the young person after looking around decides to conform. Later he gets married and has children.

Again in children Sunday school, the child hears songs like: Dare to be a Daniel... Dare to stand alone etc. This cycle then repeats itself.

John 16
33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

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